Eating is Meditation

Everyone sleeps, wakes up, and eats.

So the best times to meditate are those moments.

It doesn’t matter whether you eat breakfast or what time you have lunch or dinner.

The important thing is that you must eat to stay alive and active.

How do you spend such precious and important time?

Let’s get into the habit of eating silently and slowly, at least once a day.

Look at food with your eyes and smell it with your nose.

Let’s feel the texture of food transmitted through hands or utensils.

Let’s savor the sensation of taste that comes when you put food in your mouth and chew it.

Feel the sensation of your stomach becoming full as food or drink goes down your throat.

Changes in color, aroma, and texture from different food ingredients and changes in sensations conveyed to my body.

You are not just an eater, you are an observer of changes while eating.

Finally, eating is no longer just eating. Eating itself became a meditation.

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