Best Space for Meditation

Once meditation becomes a habit, time and place do not become a big problem.

However, you need to avoid certain places until you make meditation a habit and establish it as a lifestyle.

The key is to be in a position that is neither too comfortable nor too uncomfortable.

If it’s too comfortable, it’s easy to fall asleep, and if it’s too uncomfortable, you’ll be distracted from meditation.

Although there may be individual differences, we recommend a few locations and situations.

  1. Dining table chair: You can meditate while eating or drinking.
  2. Desk chair: You can meditate right before or after working at home or in the office.
  3. Public transportation chairs: You can meditate while moving to your destination.

The key to the above three places is that although they tend to be used at least once a day, there is a limit to the time they can be used.

Meals at the table are generally limited to 30 minutes to 1 hour, and the time spent working at home or at work is also limited.

Additionally, when using public transportation, it automatically ends when you reach your destination.

In other words, in order to make meditation a habit, it is recommended that each individual choose a place and situation with a somewhat regular time limit.

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