Martial Art is Meditation – Part 2

The enemy of our daily lives is more likely to be our mind than a physical person.

The mind is like the weather, constantly fluctuating and changing depending on situations and conditions.

We tend to generally accept the weather. Because it’s something we can’t do anything about.

But what about the mind?

When you feel good, you become obsessed with continuing those feelings.

And when you feel bad, you feel constantly dissatisfied and angry.

If you try to manipulate or suppress this changing mind, side effects will inevitably follow.

By the way, it is necessary to keep in mind that this change of mind unfolds based on my body.

We cannot beat down and overpower our bodies to deal with our minds.

In this way, martial arts that target our minds are completely different from the approaches of existing martial arts.

So I want to call it Martial Art, not Martial Arts.

( Continued in Part 3)

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