Meditation Habit Process – Part 2

How can we improve the bad habit of excessive smartphone usage through meditation?

1. Capture and analyze – Examine whether picking up the smartphone is triggered by a visible presence, audible notifications such as vibration or ringtone. Additionally, analyze the situations and states of the body and mind when reaching for the phone.

2. Now, mindfully observe the process of picking up the smartphone through eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body, and mind, paying attention to the changes along the way.

Ex1)  See the smartphone with your eyes. Suddenly, something sparks curiosity. Reach for the smartphone.

Ex2) Hear the sound of a text or message. Curious about the sender. Pick up the smartphone.

3. Consciously observe habits that were previously unconscious. As this conscious observation becomes a habit, you become aware of the triggers and conditions leading to the initiation of the undesirable habit you want to correct (signals for picking up the phone) and its unfolding process.

4. Design and adjust environments to minimize or control signals for picking up the phone.

By being aware of what you are currently doing, mindfully observing, and recognizing these aspects, your bad habits can gradually ease and improve to a manageable level.



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