Meditation on Thinking – Part 2

How can meditation help deal wisely with thoughts that pop up unexpectedly, regardless of my intentions?

Initially, it’s about accepting the arising thought as it is, without imposing personal opinions or interpretations onto it.

Thoughts naturally arise in certain situations and conditions. Simply observe the arising thoughts from a distance.

When emotions associated with thoughts follow, simply observe them, acknowledging their presence.

If you attempt to delve into the meaning of the thoughts, return to the statement ‘I am having these thoughts right now.’

You will discover that the arising thoughts happen without any apparent reason and disappear just as inexplicably.

It’s akin to the changing weather, independent of my intent or will.

In this way, it’s crucial to simply accept the natural arising and fading of thoughts, which are in constant flux.

By doing so, we may find relief from the total volume of thoughts we reproduce and amplify, as well as from the accompanying mental distress.

(Continued in Part 3)

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