Meditation is not a matter of choice

We are exposed to numerous stimuli in our daily lives.

The sounds of waking alarms, TV or radio broadcasts, the endless flow of information and videos on smartphones, conversations in the street or cafe, etc…

How do we digest and navigate the constant exposure to information and sensory stimuli beyond our will or control?

It is essential and natural for us to excrete when we eat food.

If digestion or excretion is not functioning properly, it can eventually pose a serious threat to health and even life.

Yet, are we truly recognizing and managing the mental byproducts generated through countless information and stimuli seriously?

Although not immediately apparent, improperly processed mental stimuli and stress can gradually lead to illness through excessive greed, anger, and self-destructive behaviors.

Without detoxifying the poison that gradually makes us ill and weak, our daily life cannot endure.

Meditation is not a choice but a necessity.

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