Listening to music is meditation

Appreciating music transcends race and age, making it a universal and representative hobby.

There are ways to enjoy this kind of listening to music in a meditative manner.

  • Choose music with a slower tempo than your usual favorites.
  • Listen to music outside of your usual favorite genres.
  • When choosing your usual music, just focus on the sound of a specific instrument rather than the overall sound of the song.
  • Opt for music that is unpredictable in its development
  • Choose instrumental tracks with no lyrics

What these methods share is providing a ‘change from the usual.’

This change is achieved through unpredictability, unfamiliarity, slower pace, simplification, and focused appreciation.

Music appreciation has tended to be dominated by unconscious individual preferences, lingering within the realm of consumption.

However, through the mentioned methods, listening to music undergoes a transformation into meditation.

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