Meditation on Expectation

Are our sufferings only from outside, or is there a link to what we think?

We need to check on our expectations.

The expectations we’re going to explore are not those reached through logical and scientific procedures.

Instead, they pertain to the unconscious, naturally arising expectations in our everyday lives.

When people prepare for or initiate something, there’s often a vague optimism about the outcome.

These expectations often stem from conventional notions of how things should be.

It’s like a mix of what happened to others and what they expect, all coming together from outside influences, not really connected to me.

Each individual has unique tendencies, and there’s no such thing as a situation or condition being 100% identical.

Therefore, applying conventional expectations universally to myself and making comparisons is a foolish endeavor.

Be mindful that situations and conditions are constantly changing.

Insisting on keeping expectations unchanged, despite knowing they naturally change, is a self-destructive act.

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