Morning Meditation Strategy

1. Utilize light as a meditation trigger.

As you open your eyes in the morning and behold the bright sky, initiate meditation instantly.

2. Use your phone as the first trigger.

Meditate as you turn off your alarm clock. Alternatively, set a meditation photo as your phone’s wallpaper when you turn it on.

3. Set triggers throughout your morning routine.

Place a meditation cushion at the foot of your bed. Set up a meditation space at the threshold as you leave your room.


Implementing such strategies, scatter triggers throughout the house.

Affix ‘Meditate’ sticky notes on bathroom mirrors, place meditation photos, book covers, sculptures, or notes in various spots along household routes.

Whether it’s the breakfast table, fridge, wallet, shoe rack, or any frequently used item, continuously set triggers to naturally integrate meditation into the habit of opening each day.

Let’s cultivate a meditation habit by seamlessly integrating it into our living space and routines.

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