The Ultimate Goal of Meditation

Meditation is a lifestyle, so it cannot be considered as the ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, a goal can serve as a motivating force for maintaining a consistent meditation practice as a guiding direction.

The basic aim of meditation is to promote relaxation, stress relief, and bodily tension release.

However, these are just a small fraction of the beneficial aspects that meditation can offer.

While practicing meditation through observation via five senses, we become more present and able to perceive the ever-changing reality as it unfolds.

As one becomes increasingly present and proficient in meditation, confronting the past and future naturally follows suit.

Especially, unresolved emotions and traumas from the past, as well as anxieties and worries about the future, come to the forefront.

One goes through a natural process of simply facing, accepting, and letting go of these things, rather than trying to resolve them in their own terms.

This purification process is ongoing, and one will gradually feel lighter and more liberated.

And eventually, one will discover their true nature, and the expression of that true nature will occur genuinely and naturally.

That can be considered the ultimate direction and goal of meditation.

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