Meditation on Suffering

We tend to pursue happiness and avoid suffering.

While we readily accept the existence of happiness, we often strive to deny the fact of suffering.

However, the fact we must acknowledge and accept is that ‘suffering exists,’ and it is from there that our approach to happiness should begin.

When we experience suffering, we often deny the situation, finding it unbearable and believing it shouldn’t be happening to us.

In doing so, we often become engulfed in the suffering itself or inadvertently amplify our own distress.

Suffering tends to arise independently of our intentions or will and can dissipate depending on the circumstances and conditions.

Here is where we can help ourselves.

Instead of passively waiting for the suffering to end, we can actively face and observe it.

Without the need to force anything, simply acknowledging and facing the suffering, that’s all there is to it.

By cultivating this habit, we interrupt the vicious cycle of exacerbating suffering and creating further distress.

And naturally, this leads to an introspective examination of my inner self in relation to suffering, gradually experiencing a sense of detachment from it.

It’s a shift from being subjectively identified with suffering to objectively observing it.

By focusing on the cessation of suffering in this way, it becomes the approach to happiness itself.

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