Meditation with Snow / Rain

Sometimes, instead of structured meditation within our daily routines, we can use the incidental changes in weather as objects of meditation.

When it snows or rains, people tend to react based on their individual circumstances and preferences.

For children, snow is a delightful sight, while for adults who have to drive, it becomes a worrisome one.

The rainy scene outside the window while taking a break at a cafe or home provides romance and tranquility.

However, for outdoor enthusiasts who dislike using umbrellas and getting wet, it can be annoying.

How about accepting rain or snow as they are, without emotionally reacting to them based on personal situations, conditions, or preferences?

The rain or snow falling through the grand cycles of nature occurred independently of my intentions or will.

Let’s quietly observe the snow and rain outside the window.

Each snowflake or raindrop is unique in size and shape, and the patterns of how they scatter in the wind and settle on the ground are endlessly varied.

The snow and rain falling from the sky are not objects of judgment but simply facts and phenomena as they are.

As I observe them amidst their dynamic and ever-changing movements, my mind tends to settle calmly.

Thus, the rain and snow outside the window become objects of meditation.

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