Meditation with The Middle Way

In Buddha’s teaching, there is the middle way that departs from the extremes of hedonism and asceticism, advocating for a middle way.

This teaching can also be applied to meditation practice.

The sitting posture shouldn’t be too comfortable or too uncomfortable.

If it’s too comfortable, drowsiness may arise, and if it’s too uncomfortable, it can distract attention from meditation.

Even when meditating seated, one can apply the teaching of the middle way.

Avoid trying to overly straighten the back, yet don’t slouch too much either.

The key is naturalness and a balance between tension and relaxation.

What may be natural for one person could feel unnatural for another.

Since everyone has their own body and physique, the ideal posture that suits oneself can only be discovered and developed by the individual.

The middle way doesn’t necessarily mean an exact midpoint between two extremes.

Recognizing that the balance point can shift depending on circumstances and conditions, the process of seeking and navigating towards the optimal balance is itself the middle way.

Let’s now integrate meditation into the middle way and practice the middle way through meditation.

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