The 2 States of Meditation

What beneficial outcomes can one expect from practicing meditation? I’d like to mention two representative states.

It is the cessation of negative thoughts such as rumination, regret, anxiety, and worry.

As meditation deepens, it can become more challenging to think than not to think.

At this stage, thinking refers not so much to logical processes but rather to the unconscious recollection of negative patterns we habitually replay.

Particularly, this often revolves around regrets and anxieties about the past or future.

Through meditation, by staying constantly aware of the “here and now,” the present moment, these negative tendencies are naturally overcome.

The second state could be described as a state of being in the flow.

Through meditation, the purification of unresolved negative emotions from the unconscious occurs, bringing one closer to their true nature, which naturally leads to a state of being in the flow.

Being in the flow means that one’s choices are no longer influenced by external forces or false choices tainted by negativity.

Therefore, one’s decisions or actions are influenced by their true nature, making them natural and the most appropriate for oneself.

If your life feels like it’s going against the current, encountering resistance and feeling unnatural and distressing, take it as a signal to pause and embrace meditation as a practice to cultivate.


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