Reading is Meditation

Reading is meditation. More precisely, depending on how you read, it can become a form of meditation.

When reading a book, meticulously focusing on each individual character or obsessing over the meaning of each word does not align with meditation.

Instead, it resembles analytical reading, characterized by a scholarly approach and deep contemplation of ideas.

Meditative reading focuses not on the meanings of individual characters or words, but on the act of reading itself.

The eyes move naturally, flowing like water without lingering.

Rather than scrutinizing and analyzing content, it involves accepting the content with an open mind.

Instead of debating semantics, it captures the changes evoked in one’s mind by the text.

It prioritizes discovering connections and empathy with the author over acquiring new knowledge.

The act of reading itself becomes the goal, not completing the book, and this leads to a calm settling of the mind.

Rather than merely absorbing others’ knowledge, reading becomes a precious time for self-discovery, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Reading at one’s own pace and rhythm, discovering the true essence of ‘self’.

When this happens, reading becomes meditation.

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