Meditation on Obsession

Obsession is the primary cause of suffering.

We cling to what is good and to pleasant moments, hoping they will last forever.

However, good emotions naturally tend to change, and the conditions and environment that influenced the pleasant moments are also subject to change.

Moreover, our own preferences, interests, and values naturally evolve over time.

For instance, the objects and activities we cherished and enjoyed during childhood tend to change as we age.

However, if we cling to memories of the past and refuse to let go of the person we once were, it can prevent us from fully engaging with reality.

Furthermore, becoming ensnared by ghosts of the past can lead to identity crises and self-inflicted anguish.

We must accept change as it is, just as it is.

By living in the present moment, free from attachment, obsessions will vanish, and suffering will cease to exist.

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