Duration of Meditation

To cultivate a meditation habit, it’s advisable to start with just 1-2 minutes a day initially, even if it’s short, and maintain consistency.

There is a point at which one should gradually increase meditation time as the habit becomes established, but there are precautions to consider.

Focusing solely on increasing meditation time and striving to stick to it can cause one to overlook the essence of meditation.

The purpose of meditation is, in a way, to uncover and empty the distorted and manipulated parts of the mind.

However, becoming fixated on extending and filling the meditation time can lead to another form of manipulation.

Ultimately, this can result in suffering.

Therefore, do not become too fixated on extending meditation time or filling the designated time.

Instead, even a brief moment of wholehearted meditation is valuable.

By doing so, you naturally invite benefits and fulfillment.

This qualitative positive outcome, unlike the sense of achievement felt from forcing oneself to adhere to and fill the time, is incomparable.

Let go of attachment to achievement.

Rather than aiming for 10 minutes in one session, I consider it more positive to meditate for 2 minutes, five times a day.

Once meditation becomes a lifestyle habit, there will inevitably come a moment when meditation time increases automatically.

Surrender your will to the flow of meditation like water flowing.

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