Meditation on Desire – Part 3

Desires can be categorized from a temporal perspective into past desires, present desires, and future desires.

Among these, present desires are those that can fluctuate based on immediate circumstances and conditions.

Therefore, let’s set aside present desires for the time being and focus on past desires and future desires in our discussion.

Past desires refer to desires held at some point in the past.

The problem arises when we mistakenly believe that desires from the past continue to apply and influence our current desires.

The past is already gone, and it’s highly likely that our desires have undergone numerous changes since then.

Holding onto past desires that were not fulfilled can lead to feelings of regret, and these negative emotions can impact the present.

However, what’s done is done.

By carefully observing the desires we feel in the present moment, we can break free from the illusion that our past desires are still ongoing.

The approach to future desires can be similar.

Just as we couldn’t accurately predict our current desires in the past, the future desires we envision at present are like meaningless mirages.

Our desires are constantly changing.

Envisioning future desires based on the current situation and conditions is nothing but a fantasy.

While it can be used as a positive motivational tool, I see more drawbacks than benefits.

It’s easy to feel anxious and worried about not fulfilling these non-existent future desires.

Moreover, even if we do fulfill them in the future, we may still experience dissatisfaction and emptiness due to the ever-changing nature of our desires.

Let’s observe the changing desires from a mindful perspective in the present moment.

Such meditative attitude will free us from the ghosts of the past and illusions of the future.

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