Meditation on Efficiency

Modern individuals prioritize efficiency above all else, striving to achieve maximum results within designated time frames.

Consequently, they live moment by moment amidst a relentless pursuit of speed and competitive achievement.

This trend is resulting in significantly draining consequences both physically and mentally.

Amidst the relentless desire of modern individuals to quickly and efficiently fill every moment, what is most lacking and necessary can be identified as meditation.

When we eat, food needs to be digested and emptied through the process of digestion and excretion.

Similarly, after intense exercise, it’s essential to pause and allow for rhythmic breathing and rest.

Just as our bodies need moments of emptying, our minds also require them.

Meditation can fulfill that role.

The reason why meditation, something so crucial to us, often feels challenging is because our typical emphasis on rationality and the speed of thought is constantly fast-paced.

Meditation is more about emptying than filling, and it’s about taking slow, deliberate breaths rather than rushing forward.

Reflection on what efficiency truly means in this era is necessary.

In an age of excessive efficiency, it might be that emptiness and taking things slowly are what constitute true efficiency.

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