Meditation on Knowledge

Knowledge has been highly prioritized by modern individuals above all else.

Since the saying “knowledge is power,” humanity has accelerated the accumulation of knowledge, seemingly without limits.

With the emergence of AI, the epitome of human knowledge, at this advancing juncture, it is crucial for us to reflect on the nature of knowledge.

Knowledge inevitably stems from and caters to the greed of humans who seek to grasp and control it.

Through knowledge, concepts, ideologies, and beliefs are born, gradually permeating our consciousness and subconsciousness.

The problem lies in how these concepts and ideologies derived from knowledge gradually solidify, taking on the characteristics of a rigid and stagnant past.

Knowledge acquired through authority is uncritically embraced by people, isolating our creativity.

Knowledge that fails to reflect the present, lacking vitality and dynamism, creates a disconnect with reality.

Thus, knowledge remains merely as knowledge, unable to provide essential assistance in crucial aspects of life.

Everything changes.

Even knowledge from the past can change in the present and future.

Let’s reconsider our attitudes and perspectives towards knowledge through meditation, which observes and contemplates change.

Accumulating knowledge faster and in greater quantities doesn’t alleviate our suffering.

Now is the time to pursue wisdom instead of mere knowledge.

Only with such wisdom as a foundation can knowledge truly beneficial to our lives be established correctly.

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