Meditation with Waterfalls

Observing flowing water and waterfalls can themselves be a form of beneficial meditation.

As the water flows gently, approaching the waterfall, its speed gradually increases, cascading fiercely and swiftly as it transforms into a waterfall.

Eventually, as it continues to flow downstream, it returns to a tranquil and calm state, as if nothing had happened.

Upon closer observation, within the swift flow, there are static and dynamic aspects.

Furthermore, while standing near a waterfall, it appears fierce and turbulent, yet from a distance, it seems serene and peaceful.

Similarly, depending on distance and perspective, the same waterfall and water flow can evoke different impressions.

Simply observing the flowing water and the waterfall allows us to discover the ever-changing reality, making it the most effective form of meditation.

Not only visually, but also the diverse yet rhythmic sounds of the waterfall help to calm the mind.

Occasionally, the irregular splashes hitting my face add to the experience.

Nature offers us meditation unconditionally, without any embellishment or effort, embracing us effortlessly.

Nature itself is meditation.

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