Meditation on Judgment

We encounter countless crossroads of choice in our daily lives, demanding the ability to judge.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we navigate through numerous judgments.

However, have we ever closely examined the judgments we make?

Even a closer examination of just a few of the many judgments we’ve made reveals how irrational our judgments can be at times.

There are often more judgments made that are not only irrational but also derived from external opinions or the consensus of others rather than one’s own internal judgment.

The key to resolution often lies in being able to awaken to the moments of judgment occurring habitually, without our awareness, and to squarely face them.

When about to make or in the process of making a judgment, one must pause.

That is, a suspension of judgment is required.

Then, introspect into one’s inner self.

Realize that most judgments are based on past moments that have passed.

To judge is to rely on certain fixed ideas, criteria, and standards, which are relics of the past rather than the present.

It is illogical to judge and regulate something based on such baseless foundations, the origins of which from the past are often unknown.

Recognize that the foundations of those judgments within oneself are not fixed but can constantly evolve.

Just as my senses and mind are always changing, let us understand that everything can always change and apply this with judgment-free judgment.

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