Meditation with Tree

Trees can become the ultimate partners and friends in meditation.

Take advantage of sunny or breezy days to venture outdoors.

When you find yourself in a park, forest, or mountainside, there’s bound to be a tree that speaks to your heart.

On sunny days, a tree with abundant branches and foliage is especially inviting.

Settle comfortably beneath the tree’s shade.

Some large trees offer spaces to sit where roots protrude from the ground.

Sitting here allows for a slightly forward-leaning posture conducive to meditation.

Simply close your eyes and focus on your breath.

The air is particularly refreshing near trees in nature.

When the wind blows, you’ll hear the rustle of leaves swaying, and feel the warmth of sunlight filtering through the foliage.

Sit, bask in the light, inhale the scent of grass and fresh air, and listen to the sound of the wind.

If your back grows weary, lean against the tree for rest.

Sit or stand facing the tree.

Observing it, you’ll notice ants and small insects bustling about tirelessly.

Each leaf and stem appears unique yet harmonious when examined closely.

Simply watching leaves fluttering in the wind can bring tranquility and peace to the mind.

In the presence of trees, meditation unfolds effortlessly through sight, sound, smell and touch.
Even without trying, the trees naturally guide and lead us into meditation.

The trees standing by our side are always ready meditation partners.

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