Writing Down the Process of Meditation

While consistency in meditation practice is crucial, equally important is documenting the meditation process.

There’s a significant difference between merely mentally noting the process and visualizing it through documentation.

For instance, there’s a big gap between conceiving an idea in the mind and bringing it into reality.

To truly evolve through meditation, it’s essential to record the changes experienced.

Writing down the transformations in one’s mind and emotions facilitates observation through observation itself, which is meditation on meditation.

Three main methods are recommended for recording the process.

Firstly, noting the continuation of meditation on a calendar using symbols.

Maintaining a meditation chain indicates the persistence of the habit.

Secondly, documenting the changes observed in the body and mind during meditation, whether briefly or in detail.

Even simple notes can aid in purifying the mind and objectively dealing with one’s emotions.

Lastly, recording any dreams before they fade away.

Dreams offer a valuable perspective into one’s inner depths.

Even simple documentation of these three aspects can greatly enhance the effectiveness of meditation practice.

Investing just 1-2 minutes in brief recording can enrich the benefits of meditation, making it highly recommended.

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