Meditation on Travelling

Travel can bring about effects similar to meditation.

Going on a trip means introducing a change to the repetitive routines of everyday life.

Through this change, awareness of unconscious behaviors, which were previously repeated habitually without even being consciously thought about, can be achieved.

The experience of rediscovering one’s proximity occurs as one travels farther, similar to how it happens on a journey, and it operates on a similar principle.

The effects of traveling in daily life can be likened to meditation.

Let’s stop the daily repeated actions, slow down, and observe.

Let’s also introduce changes to our usual range of actions by choosing different routes and distances.

Or even taking small trips guided by our footsteps can be helpful.

The essence of traveling does not lie in changing physical distances and backgrounds.

It lies in laying the groundwork for internal change through such external changes.

If we do not stay awake and observe our bodies and minds faithfully in the present even when traveling, it may not be very helpful.

While travel can provide some ventilation, the aspects of my mind tend to function similarly regardless of where my body goes.

In this sense, delving into my inner self through meditation in my daily life can be a true form of travel.

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