Meditation with Cleaning

Cleaning can be a good meditation.

When we clean, we visually perceive the dirty areas and as we clean, we notice them gradually changing.

So, we naturally become aware of the ‘change’ alongside cleaning.

Our consciousness is focused on the cleaning process, which naturally guides our attention.

Additionally, sensations are transmitted through the body as we sweep, wipe, and clean, with force and stimuli spreading and changing throughout the body.

Cleaning involves observing visual changes through the eyes.

Also, when sweeping and wiping the floor, sounds and smells change and become objects of observation.

Furthermore, as stimuli are transmitted through the whole body, we experience bodily changes.

Thus, meditation occurs naturally while cleaning.

Moreover, by cleaning, our living space becomes clean, which also contributes to hygiene.

So, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone: meditation and health.

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