Meditation on Truth

We can explore the truth of life and the universe.

How can we discover that truth?

We often seek answers or truths when we feel more distress than when we are comfortable and worry-free.

The mistaken belief that knowing that truth will solve all my problems at once only adds to our distress.

Furthermore, clinging to what we believe to be true only deepens our suffering.

Before seeking truth, we must find ourselves.

With a diseased mind, characterized by negative reactions, defense mechanisms, and distorted perspectives, we cannot approach objective truth.

Additionally, it’s difficult to establish an absolute objectivity that passes through the subjectivity of our bodies and minds.

The pursuit of truth naturally and effectively occurs as our suffering diminishes or at least as healing and therapy take place.

Let’s not be deceived by the truth that exists outside of us, but explore the truth of our nature discovered through our bodies and minds.

Meditation can be an excellent guide on that path.

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