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What Anusati Stands For?


 Anusati” is derived from Pali, an ancient Indian language used in the context of early Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices. It can be translated as meditation,  “mindfulness”, “recollection”  and “remembrance”, “contemplation”.

  In our context, Anusati encourages daily moments of meditation seamlessly woven into our daily habits, staying true to our core values. Through meditation, Anusati promotes awareness of changing body and mind sensations and fosters gratitude as a routine element. This process purifies emotions through recollection and contemplation, embodying the essence of Anusati.

How Anusati Benefits You?


 In today’s fast-paced world, the art of mindfulness holds the key to a more centered and balanced life. “Anusati” embodies the essence of daily mindfulness in a simple way. 

 Embarking on meditation brings challenges, especially when practicing alone. Acknowledging these difficulties, we provide personalized management.

 Through consulting, we guide you with strategies fitting effortlessly into your life. Our ongoing support ensures meditation becomes a natural part of your lifestyle. It’s not about adding more to your life; it’s about adding depth to every moment.

Meet Mamu


 My meditation journey spans over three decades, beginning with childhood curiosity and teenage exploration. From my 20s onward to this very moment, my dedication to meditation continues. While studying philosophy at University, I encountered Buddha’s teachings, which deeply resonated. This led me to graduate studies in early Buddhism, followed by immersive Vipassana meditation training. Meditation became integral, fostering personal growth. This transformative process highlighted my role as a guide for others, culminating in the creation of Anusati. I am excited to share my experiences. My meditation journey, from childhood through my teenage years, can be described as follows.



 My initial interest in meditation sprouted as I watched my father in the midst of his daily meditation practice. As a young kid, I felt a strange sense of mystery while watching my father meditate. And sometimes I would pretend to meditate along with him. One day, while reading a biography of great figures of the Buddha, I came across a photo of his ascetic meditation. The image left an indescribably strong impression. My father’s meditation and the Buddha’s photograph—those ignited my early curiosity about meditation. Along with that, while practicing martial arts on my own from a young age, I naturally began to feel interested in invisible things such as ‘chi’ and ‘spirit’. And the teachings and philosophies of profound martial artists were always closely related to meditation. Such a series of flows naturally led to meditation. The simple curiosity about took root as an object of continuous interest.

 As I reflect on my teenage years, I remember the emotional storm that raged within me, fueled by the relentless pressure to define my identity and future. Each day felt like a struggle, leaving me constantly disappointed in my perceived shortcomings. Dealing with the pressure of these self-imposed expectations often made it hard to find happiness and left me searching for meaning. In these moments, I yearned for a sudden flash of insight – a profound realization that could untangle the knots of my worries and lead me to the ultimate truths of life. This desire for clarity and understanding marked the beginning of my deepening curiosity about meditation. The prospect of finding solace in meditation and untangling the complexities of life was a glimmer of hope amidst my struggles.

One who doesn't obsess over pleasure or fear discomfort,
but being mindful and aware, experiences calm and content mind,
it leads to happiness.