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Meditation Exploration


Eye Meditation

You see because you have eyes

Observe changes through your eyes.

Meditate on the fact of Change.


Ear Meditation

You hear because you have ears.

Listen to changes through your ears.

Meditate on the fact of Change.


Nose Meditation

You smell because you have nose.

Smell changes through your nose.

Meditate on the fact of Change.


Mouth Meditation

You taste because you have mouth.

Taste changes through your mouth.

Meditate on the fact of Change.


Body Meditation

You sense because you have a body.

Detect changes through your body.

Meditate on the fact of Change.


Mind Meditation

You feel because you have a mind.

Notice changes through your mind.

Meditate on the fact of Change.

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Meditation in Movement

Sound Meditation

 Immerse yourself in the movement of sound with Anusati’s Meditation.

 In our daily life, we’re surrounded by myriad sounds. Due to the influence of sound being mostly transmitted through language, we grow apart from pure sound appreciation.

 Anusati’s Sound Meditation invites you to rediscover the art of listening, embrace waves without language patterns or the meaning of words. In the pure dance of sound, face the fact of ‘Change’.

 Join us, let sound’s timeless truth transform your soul.

Walking Meditation

 Immerse yourself in the movement of walking with Anusati’s Meditation. 

 Walking is the most basic and important action in human life. However, walking, which we had become accustomed to, became an unconscious mechanical act. 

 Slowly raise your foot and consciously observe the process of moving forward and taking steps. Up – Go – Down. In this way, unconscious walking becomes conscious walking.

 Come along, let the mindful cadence of walking meditation brighten your path within.

Martial Art Meditation

Experience Anusati’s unique martial arts meditation.

 In general martial arts, the goal is to execute precise, efficient actions—minimizing motion while maximizing impact. 

 Anusati’s martial arts meditation aims to move freely with the flow. As you move at your own rhythm and pace, you will eventually reach the moment when you are with the ‘Change’ itself.

 It transcends the traditional notions of offense or defense. Martial art as an expression of myself rather than a set of techniques.

Dance Meditation

 Discover your true nature through Anusati’s dance meditation.

 When we were young, we were all excellent dancers. If you don’t remember this, ask your family.        You will likely find that dancing was a natural part of your daily life.

 Anusati’s dance meditation focuses on expressing ‘something’ one’s body and mind want to unfold without any rules or structured choreography.

 Let’s awaken your true nature with songs that want to make you dance.

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