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“Awaken Your True Nature :          Elevate with Anusati Meditation”

 Start an incredible journey of Change. Anusati redefines meditation — going deeper, purifying mind and emotion, and immersing you in the timeless wisdom of Buddha.

 Seamlessly blending ancient insights with modern habit science, our meditation isn’t just a choice; it’s your essential path to lasting, profound transformation.


1:1 Meditation Mentoring

Experience personalized meditation guidance, available both in-person and online. Whether it’s in the comfort of your home, a local cafe, or a serene space of your choosing, we adapt to your preferences.


Group Guided Meditation

Join our collective journey to tranquility through group sessions, offered both in-person and online. Connect with like-minded individuals for a shared meditation experience.


Meditation Workshops

Participate in transformative workshops that seamlessly blend mindfulness and practical techniques. Choose between in-person sessions at a location of your choice or join us online for a virtual exploration of well-being.


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Meditation Program


1:1 Personalized Process

Our program is crafted for you. Who’s it for?

1. Those who’ve tried meditation but stopped.

2. Those finding meditation inconsistent and not yet a lifestyle.

3. Solo meditators with uncertainties about their practice.

4. Beginners eager to try meditation, unsure where to start.

5. For dedicated meditation enthusiasts seeking to enhance their practice with personalized insights


Meditation Sharing Session

 Begin a transformative journey with our Meditation Partners Program, inspired by the collective pursuit of enlightenment. 

  Connect with fellow practitioners, finding strength in practicing as a team. Our shared goal, including consistent meditation practice, is precious.

 Come together with family, friends, and neighbors to practice meditation, sharing experiences for a more mindful and fulfilling life. Grow, support, and achieve clarity as a community.

What We Offer : 

Personalized Guidance : Tailored support for your journey.

Flexibility : Your preferred location, pace, and schedule.

Emotional Clarity : Navigate emotions in a guided process.

Habit Support : Check-ins for a consistent meditation habit.



03. Empower Your Community

Group Meditation Workshop

Transformative Benefits 

For Schools: Enhance students’ mental well-being with our workshops, providing invaluable tools for stress reduction and improved focus. Cultivate a positive and harmonious learning environment.

For Workplaces: Boost employee performance by equipping them with effective stress coping mechanisms. Our workshops foster a healthier and clearer mindset, enhancing overall job satisfaction and productivity.

For Institutions and Organizations: Foster teamwork, cooperation, and harmony. Meditation becomes a powerful catalyst, aligning minds and promoting collective well-being. Create a thriving community within your institution.

Meditating continually, staying in the flow,
they naturally cultivate dedication.
Those who dedicate themselves find a path to Nirvana.
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