Meditation on Time

We believe that time flows linearly from the past to the present and into the future.

However, when we reflect on the nature of time, we realize that it’s not simply a one-way progression.

Take the stars in the sky, for example.

The starlight we see is not the light currently being emitted, but rather light that was emitted in the past and is only now reaching our eyes.

From our perspective, the starlight is from the past, but from the star’s perspective, we represent the future.

Thus, the past, present, and future coexist against the backdrop of the sky and the earth.

The past isn’t closed or concluded just because it’s passed.

Past experiences, emotions, and traumas continue to affect our present.

Even if these influences aren’t consciously visible, they still exist and operate in the unconscious realm.

The future, too, hasn’t yet arrived, allowing for infinite possibilities, but ultimately, it is shaped by what we do in the present.

Thus, just as the past coexists with the present, the present also coexists with the future.

The future is an infinite field of possibilities, making it challenging to discuss.

However, with present-day insight, reflection, and wisdom, past experiences, meanings, and significances can always change or be redefined.

Similarly, it’s reasonable to infer that the future can influence the present, leading to the notion that the future is an extension of the past.

In this way, the past, present, and future are connected in multiple directions, flowing in a circular pattern rather than a linear one.

Ultimately, the key lies in the present.

By observing the present as it is and living mindfully in each moment, we find that the past, present, and future coexist within a continuous flow.

In the end, the past, present, and future constantly interact and change, suggesting that the concept of time as we know it might not even truly exist.

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