Meditation Habit Strategy(For Beginner)

Start Small, Keep Going

No one takes on the full Marathon course for the first time without going through some training.

Likewise, no one can understand calculus without learning the four basic operations.

So, let’s start with meditation using the same principle.

First of all, pay attention to breathing, the most basic form of meditation, whether sitting, standing, or walking.

Bring unconscious breathing into conscious focus for observation.

Let’s engage in rhythmic breathing at our natural pace, attentively listening to the soothing sound of each inhale and exhale.

Pay attention to the area just below your nose, and feel the cool air as you breathe in and the warm air as you exhale.

Feel your body expanding and contracting on both sides of your ribs, and your lower abdomen moving in and out.

In this way, observe the flow of change that connects ears -> nose -> sides -> stomach.

At first, it is best to choose one area and sensation that suits you better and focus on it so as not to overwhelm you.

Not several times a day, just once a day, not a few minutes at a time, but just one minute.

The key is to just start small and short.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Meditation, a lifestyle, starts with just one breath.


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