Walking is Meditation

Let’s consider the actions of toddlers.

At some point, toddlers take their first steps, encountering numerous attempts and stumbles.

How many times do you think they try?

Each effort, a step towards walking independently, carries determination, concentration and resilience.

It was a slow process, but every moment was filled with immersion, joy, support and celebration.

Now, let’s come back to the present.

We bring awareness to the act of walking, transitioning it from the unconscious to the conscious realm.

Take each step carefully and with observation.

Slowly raise your foot, step your foot forward, and place your foot on the ground.

Up – Go – Down. Up – Go – Down. Up – Go – Down…

In this way, walking becomes meditation.

The gratitude for walking that had been forgotten since my toddler days is reawakened.


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