Meditation for Physical Pain

How can meditation be utilized when experiencing physical pain?

If you have been prescribed medication, take it as directed.

In cases where pain persists despite medication, consider turning to meditation for support rather than overusing pain relievers.

Initiate with deeper breaths than usual, maintaining a focus on deep inhalations and exhalations throughout the meditation on mindful breathing.

Gaze inwardly at the part of your body where the pain persists.

Carefully observe the changing sensations in the body that contribute to the pain.

The key is to observe not the pain itself but the changes in pain.

If any emotions arise or negative thoughts surface, redirect your focus back to the body.

Observe the change of sensations. Acknowledge that the current pain is temporary and will be changed.

Do not immerse yourself in the pain itself; simply witness the changes of pain as they are.

In this way, I transform into an observer of pain rather than a recipient of it.



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