Meditation in Subway / Bus

Using public transportation provides an excellent opportunity to cultivate a habit of meditation.

If you’re driving, you need to focus on driving itself, but with subway or bus rides, the driver takes care of the driving, allowing you to focus elsewhere.

The biggest advantage of using public transportation is that the frequency and duration of use are predetermined and fixed.

It’s advantageous for habit formation as it becomes a routine to use public transportation at least twice a day when going to work or school, approximately 4-5 times a week.

If there’s a seat available, sit down; if not, begin meditating while standing.

Calmly close your eyes and observe the changes in your mind as you breathe.

Alternatively, if you open your eyes, listen to the subway’s operational sounds or the ambient noise around you as they are.

This is integrating a meditation routine into the routine of using public transportation.



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