Meditation on Happiness

We dislike suffering and prefer happiness.

Therefore, when confronted with suffering, we endeavor to find ways to escape it, while relentlessly clinging to happiness, striving to continually embrace it.

However, the fact we must acknowledge is that ‘suffering exists.’

While acknowledging the fact that ‘happiness exists,’ the tendency to deny the fact that ‘suffering exists’ leads to problems.

We often set happiness as our goal and exert all efforts to attain it.

However, this approach is inherently flawed.

Happiness, by its nature, is independent of our intentions and will, instead fluctuating based on circumstances and conditions.

For example, no matter how enjoyable it is to eat delicious food and feel happy, over time, that happiness naturally diminishes and decreases.

Pursuing the ever-changing emotion of happiness blindly often leads one further away from true contentment.

We need a completely different approach to happiness.

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