Development of Meditation

Meditation can offer more than just stress relief, anxiety reduction, or relaxation; it can provide deeper, more fundamental benefits.

Let’s explore how the practice of meditation can evolve and deepen over time.

We observe and realize the ever-changing present reality through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body.

Being faithfully present in the moment gradually frees us from regret about the past and anxiety about the future, leading to a decrease in mental agitation.

As the time spent on unnecessary worries and mental agitation diminishes, individuals become more efficient in pursuing their goals.

Additionally, they gradually move away from the dominance of subjectivity towards the growth of objectivity and meta-power.

As the fluctuations of the mind decrease, it stabilizes and becomes tranquil.

Maintaining this serene state, one can delve into deeper realms of the mind through meditation.

As meditation deepens, one becomes increasingly aware of their subconscious, where traumas, complexes, and distorted psychological defense mechanisms lie deeply buried.

The process of purifying unresolved emotions and feelings takes place, leading to the gradual development of balance between consciousness and the unconscious.

As a balanced bridge between consciousness and the unconscious is established, there is a deepening understanding of one’s true nature.

Eventually, this leads to enlightenment regarding one’s true nature and the attainment of a state of liberation where suffering ceases.


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