Meditation with Water

The water of everyday life and nature offer excellent accessibility and effectiveness for meditation.

Water encountered in daily life includes tap water, dishwashing water, shower water, drinking water, and so on.

Turning on the tap, I feel the sensation and temperature of water on my hands.

While washing dishes, I hear the sound of water.

During a shower, I listen to the water and feel its temperature and touch flowing over my body.

Drinking water, I sense it flowing into my body.

You can incorporate meditation into various options and durations, from the few seconds of drinking water to the minutes of showering.

Even simple household chores like drinking and bathing can become opportunities for mindfulness by attentively observing and feeling using all senses.

Nature’s water, on a larger scale, unexpectedly presents itself like a gift, naturally leading us into meditation.

Rain and snow from the sky, streams and lakes traversing through parks, ravines, rivers, and the flowing waters of the ocean guide us into meditation.

Depending on the surrounding terrain and conditions, water flows flexibly, sometimes speeding up, slowing down, or cascading downward.

Reflecting on water and breathing with its rhythm, let’s embark on a journey of meditation.

That, in essence, will become the flow of meditation.


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