Meditation on Desire – Part 1

Human beings are creatures of desire.

And such desires can play both positive and negative roles.

Therefore, I will classify these desires into positive desires and negative desires according to necessity.

Let’s take a closer look at appetite as an example of these desires.

Appetite itself can simply be considered as a desire.

When this desire operates positively, it prompts us to consume food, aiding in our survival.

However, when this desire operates negatively, excessive food intake can actually harm our health and lead to various diseases.

In other words, one desire can yield two contrasting outcomes.

So, we should approach desires with a neutral mindset through meditation.

Using appetite as an example, it means neither overeating nor under-eating.

It’s about consuming the optimal amount and balanced nutrients under the given circumstances and conditions.

To achieve this, a meditative attitude of observing the body’s response and changes in appetite while eating slowly and mindfully is necessary.

Ultimately, through meditation, appetite can also function as a positive desire at all times.

(Continued in Part 2)


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