The Duality of Meditation

It is common to mainly discuss the benefits or advantages of meditation, while the drawbacks or adverse effects of meditation are relatively less mentioned.

Since the benefits of meditation have been frequently mentioned in past writings and are familiar, I’ll touch upon the drawbacks of meditation.

It might be more accurate to say side effects when meditation is practiced incorrectly.

During meditation, one can experience heightened emotions and sensory pleasure or stimulation.

The issue arises when one becomes attached to such sensations and focuses on recreating those experiences rather than the essence of meditation itself.

We meditate to dissolve worries and suffering and to discover our true nature.

However, becoming attached to specific stimuli and pleasures ultimately creates new forms of suffering.

Moreover, fixating only on the pleasant states during meditation can lead to neglecting one’s daily life responsibilities.

The aim of meditation is to overcome the shortcomings of everyday life and to find happiness, but turning meditation into a form of escapism is a mistake.

We shouldn’t avoid facing the dual nature of meditation but rather confront it directly.

By acknowledging the dualities of meditation while practicing, we can truly experience its essence to the fullest.

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