Meditation on Cause

It’s commonly said that there is a cause and effect in everything.

Examining causality and making it clear is a familiar approach for modern individuals.

However, is it really necessary to delve into causality when practicing meditation?

It’s unnecessary to delve into the causes while experiencing distress and being entangled in it.

Initially, it’s crucial to accurately acknowledge the presence of distress and calmly observe it.

While practicing meditation, one should refrain from trying to forcibly change or manipulate oneself.

Attempting to analyze thoughts and delve into causes is artificial in itself.

However, meditative thinking can be attempted when the foundation for observing distress and changing sensations from a distance is established.

Everything requires prioritization and mastering the basics.

Just as it’s ineffective to think about complex movements like dodging obstacles while running before even walking, it’s important to be cautious of advancing too quickly and employing overly complicated approaches while meditating.

Rather than seeking reasons for meditating, it’s beneficial to prioritize the act of meditation itself.


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