Meditative Life Signals

As you cultivate the habit of meditation, there comes a moment when meditation starts becoming a lifestyle.

What are some signals that indicate this transition?

First, the surroundings, once unnoticed, start to be perceived.

The changing seasons bring blossoming flowers and budding trees into view.

While walking, the natural sound of birds subtly enters the ears.

During meals or sips of tea, aromas and flavors are more vividly experienced.

Constantly gazing at the sky, noticing the brightness and positioning of the sun and moon.

Suddenly, gratitude arises for things once taken for granted, even moving to tears.

Even in discomfort, there’s no compulsion to fix or force oneself into a better mood, resulting in a more natural and stable emotional state.

Memories and emotions from the past may unexpectedly surface, yet rather than trying to manage them, simply observing them with equanimity suffices.

These myriad signals will emerge.

Embrace such changes calmly, delve into them, and savor the moments when meditation becomes intertwined with every aspect of life.

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