Meditation on Productivity

We live in a society where productivity is highly valued, often focusing on maximizing output in the shortest time possible.

However, when we examine productivity closely, we realize that most of our focus is on tangible, materialistic aspects and measurable outcomes.

So, what about the productivity of our minds?

What does productivity mean in terms of our mental well-being rather than materialistic achievements?

Here, I’d like to explore the intrinsic productivity of our minds related to our suffering, happiness, and emotions, rather than acts of creation or artistry.

It involves acknowledging, healing, and correcting our traumas, biases, defense mechanisms, and distorted perceptions.

This process doesn’t manifest obvious results externally and is challenging to quantify.

Emptying ourselves of negative mental products, breaking free from rumination, and alleviating suffering constitute a different kind of productivity compared to conventional forms.

Clearing away the wrongs becomes productive.

Continuously adding negativity to negative emotions opposes productivity.

Therefore, we need a new definition of ‘productivity’ for the mind.

When we meditate without clinging to any particular outcome, we achieve not the conventional sense of productivity but a true productivity that brings us closer to our essence.

We experience this true productivity within our bodies and minds.

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